San Francisco Women's Acting Headshot
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San Francisco Women's Acting Headshots


As an actor or model your headshot is your most important marketing tool. Your headshot is what will get you in the door and get you work. The difference between a great headshot and an acceptable headshot will have a significant impact on your career and income. In this day and age of digital cameras it is easy to find an inexpensive photographer to give you an acceptable headshot, but do you really want to trust your career to an adequate photographer? If you look at my work, you will see there is no better photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area to take your head shots.

I put a great deal of time and effort into each session to achieve the results you are looking for. The cost of the service reflects the high quality of my work and the time I spend with you and your headshots. When hiring me you are getting a photographer with extensive experience in making people look great for their headshots. You will get great images that have a unique style not seen from other headshot photographers.

Compare my work to other photographers and you will see the difference. I want you to look your best so my lighting is flattering and the way I process my images is subtle and classic. Even though you will likely update your head shots in the next few years you can be assured your images will not look dated because of a fad lighting or processing style. Having said that, these are your head shots and if you have a particular style you would like, I would be happy to collaborate with you to achieve the look you're after.


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